Sleepy Hollow Sundays-The legend of Sleepy Hollow




I nose what I’m doing.


It chops, it dices, the headless horseman swordawhacker does it all!

So this Ichabod Crane fellow is the new school teacher. He also loves food, money and music plus he has a tendency to draydream and has aspirations of being more than just a teacher. Wait, this isn’t the dating game, what else is going on here. Well there’s this Brom Bones guy who talks loud and gives beer to dogs and horses (yes, he really did that). He likes this girl Katrina who has tiny feet and a love for umbrellas plus her old daddy has money. Now Brom Bones liked Karina too and uh wait maybe this is the dating game. Anyways Ichabod has eyes for Katrina and apparently her money. She returns the attention although it’s implied by the narrator that she may be doing this to make Brom jealous. Wait a minute is this horror story or a soap opera? Ichabod Crane shows us that it’s okay to keep chicken legs in your coat pocket and sit on a cake although not at the same time. Brom tries to get at Ichabod, but ole Icky is smooth and lucky enough to beat Brom multiple times. At the Halloween party the school teacher appears like he will win over Katrina. Brom spies that Ichabod has a fear for bad luck and spooks. So Brom tlaks up a tale of a headless horseman and shakes Icky up. Crane has to ride home through the woods after the party and he is all nerves now. So he heads out on the goofiest looking horse ever. It’s all going fine until the headless horseman shows up..hooray some action! He chases Ichabod on the meanest looking horse’s he sees to navigate? Oh anyways Ichabod believes is he gets to the other side of the covered bridge he’ll be safe. He goes through a crazy chase and makes it only to have a flaming pumpkin thrown at him kaboom! The next day they found the busted pumpkin and Crane’s hat, but nothing else. Brom and Katrina got hitched. Some say Ichabod survived and married a wealthy widow somewhere else, but others say the horseman got him wahahahaha!


I think I just wet my self.


The negatives-Not so much.

The positives-For me even though it clocks in a mere 34 minutes this is still the best movie/show version of this story. The songs and narration by Bing Crosby are great. The animation is very well done in particular the use of shadows in fact any horror film could learn a thing or too from watching this one. Just a classic that still stands up as a great piece of visual storytelling.


Take that, Brom Bones!

Sleepy Hollow Sundays-The legend of Smurfy Hollow

smh smhol br smf gar

So Hefty and some other Smurfs are smurfing around the campfire-wait is that dirty or not? That’s what comes from using the same word for so many things. Anyways Narrator Smurf comes up and yes apparently there really is such a character at least for this show. He tells the story of the legend of Smurfy Hollow as it changes from CGI to old style animation to appease old stuck in the mud, grumpy people. So years ago they had a smurfberry collecting contest thingiemasomething. Brainy had won nine years in a row and was bragging that he’d win again. Gutsy smurf says he will this year. In case you missed the new movies Gutsy is the Scottish themed Smurf. SO the contest starts and everyone avoids Smurfy Hollow because apparently of you cross the covered bridge to get there you will end up running into all kinds of nasty trouble-oh, dear. Gutsy follows Brainy and is shocked to see him go across the bridge and over to Smurfy Hollow. Gutsy follows and is shocked to see that that there is a huge stash of Smurfberries growing there that Brainy has never told anyone else about-the skunk. Gutsy decides to play a trick and creates a fake headless horseman then he scares Brainy off and collects tons of Smurf berries for himself. He hauls them back to the village to claim his prize. All goes well until everyone wonders where Brainy is. Gutsy feels guiltsy I mean guilty and goes to looks for him. Smurfette follows as she suspects something is up. Gutsy tells her what he did and they both go to Smurfy Hollow to find dorky I mean Brainy. They find him in one of Gargamel’s traps and of course then they both get trapped like a couple of smurfheaded Smurfs. Azrael the cat sees them and goes off to inform Gargamel. The smurfs thinks they are up smurf creek without a paddle until Gutsy and Briany get loose, but the baddies arrive before they can free Smurfette so they take cover nearby. Gargamel gets Smurfette out but she escapes. The baddies go after the three Smurfs and then headless horseman appears as a glowing green thingie and chases them. The Smurfs head to the covered bridge with Garagamel and Azrael behind them and the headless horseman chasing behind. The Smurfs make it across the bridge-whew I was worried. Gargamel and Azrael make it to the bridge but unwisely taunt the headless, glowing guy who trows a glowy pumpkin at them and the evil guy and his cat fall in the water-ker-splash. The three Smurfs get back to the village and they are all nice to each other now and all if forgiven. Off to the far side we see that Papa Smurf magically transformed a goat in the headless horseman to help the smurfs and he turns it back into a goat. We go back to our CGI Smurfs who get scared by bats and roll the them Smurfy credits.

The negatives-Not so much. If you didn’t like the Smurfs already you won’t like this, but you probably know that.

The positives-Fans of the old Smurfs will like this with it’s flashback and the 1981 style animation. It also captures the feel of the original series. My kids and I all enjoyed this one.

We get the voices of Hank Azaria, Tom Kane and even Frank Welker in this one so a good story and some voice acting talent. Can’t go wrong with that.

Sleepy Hollow Sundays-The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Shelley Duvall’s American Tall Tales and Legends-The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
1985 (IMDB) 1986 (Show credits)

This Ichabod Crane character (Ed Begley Jr.) comes bobbling through the woods and runs into a dude (Charles Durning) who happens to be a relative of the Van Tassels not the Van Halens, oh and he is the narrator as well. Not that this show has so much going on that it needs a narrator. Anyone Crane gets to Sleepy Hollow where he is the new teacher, but he’s so scared that he wants to leave soon. Then he meets Katrina Van Tassel (Beverly D’angelo) and she uses her poor acting skills charm and cooking skills to persuade him to stay because in addition to being scaredy cat Crane is also a glutton. Katrina is supposedly spoken for by not all that big bully and wearer of big eyebrows Brom Bones (Tim Thomerson). Brom goes on about Ichabod only being good at cutting out paper dolls and in case you didn’t catch it the first time he says that same thing again later. The kids get over on Ichabod -oh those rascals and Brom plays jokes on him like the old trip over the massive stack of books in the middle of the room trick-oh the hilarity. Ichabod keeps yacking about how afraid he is and then about he is superstitious as he demonstrates by spewing out some chant about Swiss chard and in case you missed it the first time he does it again later on. Brom gets jealous of Katrina acting nice to Ichabod and his eyebrows bush up even more if you can imagine that. He could go and beat the tar out of him except that may not happen since Brom is played by a much smaller dude than the the dude playing Crane so they never even get that close to each other. Instead Brom scares Crane at the tiny little Halloween party with tales of a Headless Horseman. That night Brom dresses as a very unimpressive headless horseman and chases Crane very slowly through the woods and off for good. Hardyharhar Brom and his buddies laugh at this until that night when Brom runs into the real headless horseman-oh deary me-roll the credits.


Yikes, I am scared and superstitious. Oh and did I mention that I am scared and superstitious?

The negatives-It’s like twenty minutes of ideas stretched into an hour long format. Good thing all of the main people in this had success in other things back then because they were not very good here. Begley and D’angelo were painfully bad. Think back to when you were younger and imagine an uncle, a guy at church or you barber at that person that told the corniest jokes or used the worst sayings ever-okay now imagine they got to write a TV script using their humor and that’s what this script was like.

The positives-I have seen several of Shelley Duvall’s Fairy Tales that I liked, but this tall tale lacked charm or enough to keep my interest. It was sort of like the source story early on so that’s a plus.

While watching this poor version I was reminded of a version I wish I could have reviewed, but couldn’t because it’s not on DVD. There was a made for TV version from 1980 that used to be shown on TV every year around Halloween for several years in the early 1980’s and it did get a VHS release, but has never been released on DVD. Now it’s been years since I have seen it and maybe my memory is foggy, but I remember it being better than the above version. Jeff Goldblum was Crane, NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus played Brom Bones and John Sylvester White (Mr. Woodman from Welcome, Back Kotter) was in it as well as Paul Sand and Meg Foster. They took some liberties with the story, but it looked great, had some scares and Jeff Goldblum was fantastic as Crane. I have almost been tempted to spend $2 for a VHS version of this.

Don’t be discouraged by this version as there are three more Sleepy Hollow type stories coming this month on Sleepy Hollow Sundays. I’m thinking that next Sunday will be the Legend of Smurfy Hollow starring uh..well..yeah the Smurfs of course.




Oh, man we still have 25 minutes left in this show.