Different Strokes-Shoot out at the OK arcade

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Willis is fantastic at this game called Space Sucker and he knows he’s good at it. Meanwhile Arnold tries it and he gets killed like right away zooop! Willis gives Arnold the book he used to get better. Gradually Arnold gets better at it. However he begins skipping class to practice uh, oh so his grades are suffering. He finally gets tired of Willis bragging and challenges him to a Space Sucker showdown. Arnold needs to practice more and he does while missing more school. He has a dream where he is playing Space Sucker in front of a huge crowd and the aliens have Willis heads! Arnold beats the game in his dream. He wakes up and continues practicing. The day comes for the challenge. Willis does great, but gets killed shortly before defeating the game. Arnold has one more guy left. He beats Willis and defeats the game hooray! The he gets a talking to from Mr. Drummond about ignoring his studies – not so great. Roll the credits.

Obviously Space Sucker was a fake game. It’s a side scrolling shooter in space. The character is a space man with a jet pack and laser gun on the left side. You blow up meteorites, fight smaller aliens and eventually the larger space sucker who will suck you in if you don’t shoot him first. The characters are super large like too large for it to work. That’s done so it showed up well on screen, but if it was a real game it would have had smaller figures. I so would have played this game had it been real and because of the game I’ve found it to be one of the most memorable of the series.¬† Their “arcade” is tiny more like an arcade at a pizza place rather than a stand alone game. By season five Different Strokes wasn’t quite as good as it had been, but this is a solid episode. It’s funny (“I fell on my asteroid”) and I could certainly relate to Arnold with his video game obsession and struggles.

[Series]Diffrent Strokes 5x01 - Shoot-out at the OK Arcade_02

1980’s video game¬† week marches on and a Square Pegs video game episode and another 80’s video game will be up over the next day or two.