Star Trek-Tomorrow is yesterday



The effects from a black star throw the Enterprise back to the 1960’s-like groovy, man. However an Air Force has been dispatched to locate the starship when it shows up on military radar-uh oh. The Enterprise accidently breaks the ship with it’s tractor beam-oopsie. However they beam the pilot one Captain John Christopher onto the ship first. So he’s okey dokey but he has seen too much-computers, weapons, Spock so he can’t go back because he might blab. Spock looks to make sure this guy isn’t going to do anything important in the future and he doesn’t. However the son he doesn’t have yet will be involved in a space ship launch thingie that could effect the future if his dad isn’t there to make sure the son exists. Captain Christopher lets Kirk know that he took film of the Enterprise and that it’s likely on earth and will be seen. Kirk and Sulu beam down and break in to get the film, but they have to beam up an Air Force officer to keep cover and then Kirk gets nabbed. Sulu later returns with Spock and Captain Christopher, but the guy from the 1960’s wants to stay now and causes trouble so Spock puts the old Vulcan nerve pinch on him. They beam back and Scotty says he thinks they can slingshot around the sun to get back to their own time and Captain Christopher would go back to not having known about them. They try it and bimbamboom all is right in the world both past and future.


They are right, the film shows that I am a ham.


The negatives-For a time travel event the actual travel part isn’t shown much but that goes with the lack of budget that the original Trek had or didn’t have.

The positives-This is a good, but not great episode. The time travel is handled in a rather low key way, but the aspect of one’s offspring effecting the future was interesting as was the Enterprise being mistaken for a UFO.

Tomorrow is Yesterday 1967 - Sherri Townsend , Roger Perry , William Shatner

You have women in your time too I see.


Now suppose you tell me why they still have hairpieces in the future?

Star Trek list-Guests on the original series


This list has a long name and it would be “Top five people I wished had been guests on the original Star Trek had the shown gone a forth season”. So here’s the deal I allowed myself to pick five people I would have to liked to have seen in Trek had the shown gone on one more year. I have to list why I think they would have been gone and a role or roles I could have seen them in. Also I had to pick people who were working in Hollywood at the time (1968-1969) but were not a regular part of the cast of another show at the time. Here you go.



Barbara Rhoades

Known for-

Shakiest gun in the west and roles on numerous TV shows in the 60’s and 70’s.

Role for Star Trek-Given her height of five feet ten and her presence I see her as an authority figure and probably alien, possibly on the mean side.


Russell Johnson

Known for- Gilligan’s Island, This Island Earth, Black Saddle

Role-A scientist of course, but likely not Starfeet because I don’t see him as Military. Either Federation or a civilian scientist on a colony. Of course if he started building a computer out of coconut shells Spock might raise an eyebrow at him.

In his book Johnson said he was a huge Trek fan and auditioned for a few roles on the original show, but never go the part.


William Smith

Known for-

Any which way you can, Conan the Barbarian, Laredo and much, much more.

Role-The Klingons on Trek tried to be tough, but they normally didn’t have the muscle to back it up. Smith had the size and the mean streak to be a truely menacing Klingon.


Suzanne Pleshette

Known for-

The Birds, Bob Newhart show, a few Disney movies.

Role-I see as a person on a mission, perhaps peace talks. I could see Kirk falling for her, but could also see her being very focused and even stubborn about her mission.


Burgess Meredith

Known for-

The Penguin in Batman, Rocky movies, a couple of Twilight Zone episodes and a lot more.

Role-Definitely an alien probably a devious one.

When I was kid he would be on something and my mom would walk in the room and say “Burgess Meredith? He’s in everything”. Indeed it did seem that way, but he was never in Trek unfortunately.


**There go, feel free to add your own to the list.

Star Trek- The Cage


“Don’t make me use my flashlight on you”




So before there was Kirk breaking the prime directive, McCoy saying he was a doctor not a whatever and Scotty giving her all he can there was a different Enterprise crew in this first pilot. Captain Pike wasn’t sure that being a starship Captain was for him, there was a female first officer, Doctor Boyce was concerned and level headed, Lt. Tyler was quick to act and Mr. Spock smiles, wait Spock smiled? In the early days yes. Anyways they answer a distress call from a ship long thought lost. The landing party finds some old dirty dudes and one young dirty female (her hair and clothes, filth hound). She lures Pike away from the others and jumpin’ big heads it’s a set-up and these aliens grab him, cart off him off to their lair underground and the dirty dudes vanish because they were not real. The aliens with heads shaped like butts want Pike to breed with this girl Vina. He says no, wait Pike is way different than Captain Kirk. Anyways Pike tries to figure out a way out and meanwhile Number One. Spock and the others are trying to figure a way to get to Pike. Pike finds out that the aliens known as Talosians use illusions to make their prisoners do what they want. However Pike is a stubborn earthling and having none of that so eventually he threatens to off himself if he can’t leave. The Talosians realize they underestimated human’s desire to be free and not look at their butt heads all their lives so Pike and the others are free. However poor Vina is a really a wreck who was given the illusion of beauty so she has to stay, but they give her a Pike illusion to keep her company. All is well the Enterprise is off and roll those credits.

Of course NBC said no to this pilot, they gave permission for another one. All parts save Spock were changed and the second pilot took and boom the rest is history. I really like this pilot and event though the characters are different in this one it’s still about human problems and dealing with them on a mission to another world. I frequently wonder what Star Trek had been like had this pilot sold and the show went on with this cast. Would it have been different? Definitely, but I have no doubt that it would have still been a great show.




“Spock was easily amused back then”.

Star Trek - The Cage 3

“Vina as the original green Orion slave girl”



Another snow day


A snow day…..


In March????!!!!

It may be March, but around here the snow total for the winter is well over twice as much as our usual total already. So last and into this morning we had a thin layer of ice and a couple more inches of snow dumped on us. That’s on top of the snow that was still on the ground from weeks ago. No surprise that school was called off quickly but at first my was to open at noon, but then it was changed to be closed for the day. So woohoo more free time!

Star Trek record for Christmas


When I was 12 I was kind of beyond Christmas and wasn’t really expecting any present, but I got two. The first was a Nerf football which was cool because my old one was holding on for dear life. The second was the above record. I had gotten into Star Trek about a year earlier and by this time had seen all the episodes, read the novel adaptions of all the episodes and read a few of the novels as well. This record contains three stories all written by Alan Dean Foster who done the adaptions of the animated series. The stories themselves are actually decent enough and capture the spirit of original Trek although in a shorter time frame as each story clocks in around 15 minutes. The actors doing the voice do an alright job of trying to sound like the original actors. The only record player in the house was in my parent’s bedroom so I would go in there quite often to hear this record. I was still new to Trek and was glad to get a chance to soak in and thing related to that universe. I still have the record and it’s one of my favorite presents that I got growing up.

A very Klingon Christmas


This new book came across my path recently and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. It was written by Paul Ruditis who has written books based on the characters from Charmed, Buffy the vampire slayer and other series. Patrick Farley is the illustrator. So what we get here is a Klingon spoof/version of ‘Twas the night before Christmas. Anyone the least bis familiar with the Klingons knows they are not the typical warm and cozy Christmas type. So the book throws in elements of Klingon culture into this version including the love of weapons, war and nasty cuisine as well as their fear of things like tribbles. Each page has a fantastic full color illustration and the expressions on the Klingon’s faces in certain situations is priceless. Of course it’s the Trek fans that will loves this and it may very well make a different holiday gift if you know a Trek fan. More casual fans may not catch all of the references. I found myself reading over several times to catch all of the jokes and to really soak in the illustrations. Overall I certainly enjoyed it.

Four ways to spot a season three Star Trek episode


So fans of the original series of Star Trek all know that season three was the weakest season. There were good episodes like Day of the dove and the Tholian Web, but there was plenty of crap too. In fact most of Trek’s worst episodes come from this season. It’s not just the writing that suffered that season either. There were some slight changes and if you look closely the editing was very sloppy this time around. If you turn into the middle of an episode and for some reason you are not like me and have not seen every episode 100 times then look for these signs to see if it is a season three episode.

Kirk’s stomach– I don’t know if Kirk’s shirt shrunk or not although I expect not. Let’s just say that Kirk’s tummy is a bit more full in season three.

Scotty’s hair-In the first two seasons Scotty had a no-nonsense simple haistyle-combed down. Season three comes around and his hair all combed back like a semi-fancy guy who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. A very-un Scotty like hair style indeed.

The reverse Kirk hairline part– Look closely during conversations when Kirk in involved particularly when the other person is speaking. You will frequently see shots of Kirk standing there, but look closely to see if the part in his hair and the insignia on his shirt are on the correct side. In season three they frequently used a reverse stock shot of Kirk for some reason on a number of occasions unless Shatner’s hair piece just had a mind of it’s own and jumped all around on his head.

The wrong people at the helm and navigator spots– What I am referring to here is you will see a shot of Kirk on the bridge from the front with someone at the helm and someone at the navigator spot. Then they switch the shot to be behind Kirk to show the planet on the screen. Whoa, wait a minute the backs of the helmsman and navigator show us different guys than the ones we saw from the front. Then they switch to a front shot and we see the navigator and helmsman from the first shot again. You will see Sulu’s back during an early season three episode when you know darn well he wasn’t in the episode because George Takei was off filming the Green Berets with John Wayne at the time. So they reused shots from the back from earlier episodes, but didn’t think anyone would notice that it was different guys. Now this was done during the first two seasons, but not nearly to the extent that it is done in season three.

So there you go.