Christmas episodes-Lois and Clark-Twas the night before Mxymas


What do you mean you think Clark Kent is cool and I’m not?


Clock or no clock?


Guests0-Howie Mandel as Mister Mxyzptlk (pronounced Miks-yez-pittle-ik)

This floating curly haired semi-urban pirate looking 90’s hipster shows up in Metropolis. He comes from the 5th dimension which much like Metropolis and Gotham City isn’t part of any real world that we know of. He does however know who Superman is. He then comes with the plot to get rid of Superman by taking away all hope because he thinks Supes is the sign of hope. To do this he comes with a masterful plan, okay actually I think he just watched Groundhog Day with Bill Murry for inspiration. So he makes a day repeat itself and only Clark Kent is aware of what’s going on. Mxyzpittlepoo, Mixypuddlecake, Moxyplasticup er Mr. M lets Clark know what’s going so he knows there is nothing he can do about. The deal is Supes has to leave this world or else Mr. M will let this hopeless world go on. So we get to see this day or parts of it play out over and over. The overriding theme is that everyone gets grumpier and cares less as the same day rolls around. Clark’s dad gets worried about losing the farm, Perry regrets not doing more with his kids, Jimmy’s new girlfriend starts dressing trashier, a guy keeps robbing the same bank every day and a recluse goes from falling off his balcony to jumping off with Supes catching him every time. Clark/Supes thinks the only way to correct this behavior is to give these people hope. He tries talking even reasoning with them and working to give people a purpose and hope. Eventually it succeeds and Mr.M gets mad. The final step is of course that they get magic guy to say his name backwards. Oh, the horror, the terror, the lack of imagination and poof he’s gone. The day has been saved, hooray for Christmas and roll the credits.

This was from the forth and final season of this show which was probably my least favorite overall, but this was a decent enough episode.


Santa Perry


How dare you say Lois has shorter hair than I do, oh wait she does.

Man of steel -Quick thoughts


Forget saving the world, I’m going to get a Slurpee.


I took my son to see Man of steel today. I’m not going to do a review of it because I like to focus on older films and I’m lazy. Here’s some quick thoughts on both sides


Not sure that the opening scene added a lot to the film and Russell Crowe probably just demanded some action for his part.

I’m still not sold on the Superman costume. The old suit is kind of like a classic football uniform like the Colts or Bears, it’s classic and doesn’t need to be made darker or more metallic.

I can kind of understand the idea of Superman not being trusted by the people of earth as I guess we humans are like that. However out of all Super Heroes over the years Supes was accepted pretty easily and he may be in the next film, but this film kind of goes against an idea that’s existed for Super for decades.

The idea of devastating a city in a fight in the comics is nothing new. They go to great lengths to do it in this film, but I kept thinking Superman would try to end this as quickly as he could without damaging and endangering humans. Maybe he couldn’t because of the threat, but the filmmakers seem to relish in the destruction.

The part where Lois and this scientist are supposed to arm this missile but it doesn’t work and they don’t know why it isn’t happening. Turns out they didn’t have a lined up right the first time. The scientist eventually figures it out, but everybody on the plane except Lois dies because they couldn’t see that it was not lined up. Seemed like a stretch to me.

The positives far outweigh the negatives overall, here’s a  few-

Once it gets going the action is stellar.

The leads of the films are solid.

Diane Lane and Kevin Costner were particularly good as the Kents even though they were smaller roles.

The visuals are spectacular all the way through.

I like how the film goes back and forth with flashbacks to show Clark’s background.

The blending of  sci-fi and Super Hero elements are well done and that’s not an easy task.

Amy Adams has somehow gotten more attractive as she’s gotten older.

The settings particularly the snow regions were great.

Battles, battles and more battles if you’re patient.




Those Phantom Zone barbers sure did a poor job!


Lois and Clark- Vatman


“You’re a Superdork”             “No, you are”


What’s this about?

Superman is in France saving a plane from crashing. Meanwhile back in big old Metropolis Lois, Perry, Jimmy and Clark watch it on TV. Wait, a minute… Clark? How could that be? Some thing is loopy here. So Clark wants to find out what the heck is going on. Eventually he runs into the other Superman who acts like a really little kid only you know with super strength and stuff. Lois suspects this Superman is not real either because he looks at her like she’s a slug. Turns out Lex Luthor is behind this, no surprise there. Lex hired a corrupt scientist to make a close of Superpest with the reason being to train him to whoop the real Superstinker. However as with all evil plans there’s a flaw in the slaw-seems Superclone is fading and so he’ll die so Lex launches him after the real big guy. Eventually there’s a big showdown on an old western town movie set after phoney Supes takes Lois there to lure the real hero in. They battle but pretty soon imitation Supes gets winded and knows he’s not long for this world. He has a change of heart and gets back the lock of hair Lex used to make the clone. Superman (the real one) has to burn the fake Superdude and the lock of hair so there be no more clones. Roll the credits.



What’s up?

The negatives-This show always had a fair amount of humor and that may not be for everyone.

The positives-I make no secrets about being a big fan of this season and season one was my favorite because it had Lex, a developing relationship between Lois and Clark, the better Jimmy plus Clark and Supes are both still figuring out their roles in life. This was a good episode that focused on those roles. I like that Clark and Supes struggle to figure things out at times in this show. Lex is a great villain here as he always has an evil plot brewing and just shows the cocky, nasty attitude that make him a great villain.

Superman favorites


Favorite Superman-Despite only a  .500 average for good movies it’s got to be Chris Reeve definitely. The look, the stance, the attitude he was how I always picture Superman.

Favorite Clark Kent-Wait, Supes and Clark don’t go together? Well, not always. Favorite Clark is Dean Cain. To me he reflected the attempt to be down to earth without being too goofy. Granted Clark was the star of the show so unlike other Clarks Dean Cain got more screen time. Still he’s my favorite.

Favorite Lois Lane-Teri Hatcher, I mean it’s really not even close. The look, the attitude, the eventual chemistry with Clark all work.

Favorite Jimmy Olsen-Actually a tough decision here as there were some good Jimmys except for Justin Whalen who made my skin crawl, but to me Jack Larson from the 50’s show embodied how Jimmy was in the comics of his decade better than the others who later played the role.

Favorite Perry White-I’ll probably here it for this, but despite all my problems with the movie Frank Langella still came across to me as how Perry White should be in Superman returns. Jackie Cooper and John Hamilton were solid in the role and Lane Smith was hilarious at times, Langella just had that lookof how I had pictured the character to be like.

Favorite Lex Luthor-I like Gene Hackman, but he played it a bit too “oh, I”m just a mortal coward”. For me it’s definitely John Shea from Lois and Clark and no having hair didn’t effect the portrayal at all. He was a ruthless, cunning, insane Lex that tormented Superman.

There you go, feel free to growl, agree, disagree, add your own choices or all of the above.

Superman 3


Ah Super Heroes and comedy, how could that work? I mean look at that Green Hornet movie…oh, wait I turned that off after 30 minutes. Okay, so Richard Pryor was brought into to liven up the franchise because the previous film was dullsville..oh wait Superman 2 was actually spectacular. So he was brought to just screw things up although he sure isn’t the only problem here. This film is far below the first two, but not quite the total stink pit that the forth entry is.

In Superman 3 we get….

-an opening scene that although it isn’t great seems to have more thought behind it than most of the rest of the film

-way too much Richard Pryor

-Clark on vacation for his graduation

-some villains who  are not terribly bright or all that interesting

-a subplot about Superman going bad as drinks and whores around

-above subplot leads to Supes vs. Clark as they battle it out in a junkyard

-a final fight with Superman taking on a computer/robot space taking up thinigie that is controlled by the meanies, but then it get s mind of it’s own

plus there’s uh.. no that’s really most of it.


Ewwww, Superman smells of cheap booze, sweat and old cheese.

The negatives-I gave this chance the other week after not having seen it in maybe three years. Quite honestly while not a total failure it is certainly a real mess. Too much comedy, not enough hero vs. villain action. Actually if it was funny maybe it could have worked, but the film has little humor despite their weak attempts to get fans to snicker. The plot comes across like they wrote several different semi-written bits and then ripped the pages in half, put parts of them together at random and said hey here’s our finished script let’s go make a movie. The finale had me looking at the clock and sighing a lot, it was just a waste of time.

The positives-Very little Margot Kidder made me happy because I can’t stand her as Lois Lane. I kind of like the Supes vs. Clark fight, but I’m totally sure if it’s because it’s good or if it’s because at that point in the film I was so bored that any action no matter how contrived was welcomed by my numb brain. Annette O’ Toole as Lana Lang worked well for me. Oh it may look silly now but when then missile is afternoon Supes and we see the video game looking version-yeah I really loved that part when I first saw it and I still in an ealry 80’s video game kind of way.


Lois who?

The new Adventures of Superman-The Wicked Warlock




This was a cartoon show done by Filmation during thee 1966-67 tv year.

What’s this about? There is black magic about as a bent faced, cackling no good bum by the name of the Warlock is out to cause some trouble. He has a magic wand that he can use to create things and move objects. Superman is on to him, but the Warlock turns invisible before out hero can nab his miserable hide. The mischief doing magician grabs another stone that fuels his wand and Supes now knows his power comes from said wand. The man of steel double dog dares (or something like that) the Wiazard to do a task that cause the wizard to lift the wand high. When he does this Supes flies over really fast like and grabs the wand. The villain vanishes and presumably flees since the source of most of his power has been taken from him.


I’ll get you and your red cape too.


The negatives- It’s only five minutes and fans of more recent eras of comics may not be that impressed.

The positives-I think this is comparitive to what was going on comics of the 60’s which I like. Superman and Clark both have a sense of humor. The pacing helps in that the episode goes by very quickly. I also snickered when the Warlock called Superman “Superboob” although not to his face.

Upcoming stuff and junk


I hope to review a Star Trek cartoon on Saturday then Dr. Smith will share and insult on Sunday. I don’t know when I’ll get time to seee Man of steel, but in honor of it’s release it will be Superman week next week at the blog.

That means reviews of…

Superman 3

and one episode each of Lois and Clark, The Adventures of Superman and an epsiode of some Superman cartoon, but I an not sure which one yet. Plus my history with Superman.

Have a great week!

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