One year shows-The adventures of Brisco County Jr.

BriscoCounty the-adventures-of-brisco-county-jr-5 The%20Adventures%20of%20Brisco%20County%20Jr%202009 screen-shot-2013-11-05-at-9-22-18-am The-Adventures-of-Brisco-County-Jr

One season 1993-94

Right after Army of darkness Bruce Campbell was brought in to star in a Western, sci-fi, action, comedy show on Fox. Adventurer Brisco County Jr. gets brought in on a mission after his father and legendary western police type is killed.  Now Jr. is quick with a gun, but never quite lived up to father’s reputation. He gets another chance, but he is determined to do things his way. With the help of his very bright horse Comet and some others he rides around dealing with various loonies, nasties and other while trying set the old west straight and bring it into the upcoming century.

I watched this show from day one. I thought it was hands down the best show on that season. I was in college at the time and always made time to watch it even if I had to do homework while I saw it. It had the flavor of a 60’s western combined with sci-fi elements and the comedy that only Bruce Campbell could bring to this role. When it canceled after one season I was devastated. It floored me that not everyone loved this show, but then again I was the only one amongst my group of friends that watched it so yeah maybe not many people were watching it. They were missing out.  Fast forward a decade and a half and it comes out on DVD. I watch the episodes and they are just as good as I remember them being. A real shame this gem couldn’t find it’s audience. In just one season it’s a fine show that deserved to go on longer.