The Deadly Bees



A burnout pop star goes off to an isolated island to relax and get back on track. Too bad they don’t offer singing lessons there too. Going to a dull place will make you miss the rat race and come running back to it or something like that. Two neighbors there raise bees, one is the neighbor that the pop star is staying with who has a grumpy wife. The neighbor dude knows a lot about bees, but seems like a bit of a creepazoid. The grumpy wife and her dog die from bee stings.We are lead to believe it was an intentional attack and of course there wouldn’t be much of a plot if it wasn’t intentional oh yeah. So the guy whose wife died is the main suspect as the coppers are giving him the third degree and locals are giving him the stinkeye. The wig wearing pop star gets attacked too but survives to sing out of tune another day. She then packs up her many outfits and goes to stay with the nervous neighbor. Which she means she has a 50% percent chance of ending up with a loon. The local bartender’s daughter gets attacked by bees too, but she survives. People are confused by this one because…

A-she was nice and wouldn’t be a logical target

B-she was a minor character and having her get attacked wouldn’t seem to advance the plot ( not that all these movies have to contain strong plots).

So the attack must have been an accident or she wasn’t the target. Then the bees go out again and this time it’s on the guy who lost his grouchy wife and the bartender happens to be there as well. However unlike almost everyone else in the village the guy who lost is wife is kind of sharp and realizes there is some goop on his jacket (which the bartender is using as a shield) that is setting the bees off. So you know drop the jacket and it will all be okay well at least for now. They do that and now we know who the mad bee keeper or bee releaser is. So the creepy neighbor tries to kill the pop star by tossing bee attracting gunk on her, but he ends up with the gook and the killer bee attack. Everything works out for everyone else and roll the credits.



Number of bad female wigs-I counted two in particular that were original Star Trek kind of bad as far as wigs go.

Number of times they shows the same shot of mean bees being released-At least five.

Number of fake trees that get bumped and shake like crazy-One for sure.


The negatives-The effects are not so special, actually they are very bad. The film is a little slow at times.

The positives-I thought the cast was generally goo. Including veteran character actor Michel Ripper was a good choice. I was more interested in the film as a whole than I figured I would be.

Amicus films is known for their horror anthologies but here they went for a nature gone wild film. This movie is normally panned as a horrible piece of junk. While the effects are sorely lacking I actually liked the film alright. The idea of being in an isolated area and someone manipulating bees had some merit. I may be a long but this was an okay film for me.