Movies I couldn’t finish or “stop, I’ve had enough”


Now I have seen a bunch of movies in my years. Granted I frequently watch too many of the same ones over and over instead of watching new ones. Overall I have seen quite a few films. I suppose that I consider myself as having a strong spirit in that I can make through some not so great movies either that or I’m just too lazy to reach the remote and turn off the movie. I’ve made it all the way through The Beast from Yucca Flats, Mesa of lost women, Mars needs women, Superman IV, that seventh Friday the 13th movie, Daredevil and a ton of other slop that would have had normal people screaming and running out of the room. However there have been exactly four films in my life where I just felt like I couldn’t take anymore and had to shut it off. Three of those four fall in the genres I cover here so I’ll share what I remember.

Graveyard Shift (or Stephen King’s Graveyard Shift)-This came on TV one night years ago back when I was in college. This was during a time when I would sit through any crap that came on and so would my colleg roommate at the time. We heard this was coming on and figured it might be decent. This one just didn’t take at all with me not even on a low level. I just remember being shocked at how much bad acting, lame effects and wasted space could be jammed into a short space of time.
Estimated time it took befor I switched this one off- I’d say we lasted 20 minutes before we were ready to stick in a VHS copy of Star Trek 2 or Mothra.

Johnny Mnemonic-This one stars one of the worst actors of our time in Keanu Reeves. I watched this when I was going out with the woman who would become my wife. The movie was maybe two or three years old at the time and I watched it on the recomendation of my brother in law as I believe he loaned us the tape (yes, back in the stone ages of VHS). Normally I tend to be on the same page with my brother in law when it comes to horror and sci-fi. Not this time though. The bright cyberpunk nonsense came across like a souless circus that was out of control. It was like they let the monkeys out to make a movie and people jumped around while Keanu Reeves stood there like a lifeless mannequin (not unlike 98% of his films). This one just didn’t seem to be heading anywhere and we were both in agreement that this wasn’t worth our time so click it went off.
Estimated time it took befor I switched this one off-I’d say about 25 minutes as we realized the film was going nowhere and Keanu was just dragging us down with him.

The Green Hornet-Despite being a fan of different versions of the comic and the short-lived 60’s show I had very little interest in this film. Flash back to 1999-2000 TV season and I was enjoying the show Freaks and Geeks before it would terminated well before it’s time. It was a show of pure genius and the cast was stellar. That guy Seth Rogen was great as the deadpan and sarcastic Ken, but I didn’t know then that was all Seth Rogen could do. Once he became a superstar he inflicted pain upon audiences in most of his films. So when I saw he was playing this character I skipped past it. Until one weekend I saw it on the shelf of the library and checked it out. Boy was I sorry. The characters were unlikable, the humor was non-existent and they were doing it all under the guise of a superhero movie. I think Rogen was in one of his inappropriate, long winded rants when I stood up and proclaimed “enough of this” and turned it off.
Estimated time it took befor I switched this one off-This only made it past the hour an hour mark because it was the Green Hornet and onlu of repect for that did I try to soldier on. I guess it was also out of respect for the character that I turned this nonsense off as well.