Vampires out west


Counts and cacti? Fangs and the frontier? Stakes and shootouts?
Anyways the western vampire idea has been here and there over the years, but never that much and usually with quite a bit of cheese factor at times. That’s a shame because I think it’s a combination with merit. Yes, so many films were done with cloak wearing European vampires haunting the shadowed mountains of Europe or maybe some real brave ones went over to England, but they never came over to these shores all that much. Svengoolie will be showing Curse of the undead a late 50’s vampire-cowboy film on his show later this month. The film has never gotten a proper DVD release and I only saw it once on AMC maybe 15 years ago. I remember it being kind of slow, but hoping it holds up since I have not seen it in so long. I reviewed the early 90’s films Sundown the vampire in retreat on this site a while back and it had some real promise. I’ll be taking another view at another vampires in the west (not old west) film when I review John Carpenter’s Vampires at some point this week. I wish the idea of bloodsucking undead in the west had more takers as far as films go. Then again maybe the few that have made are more than enough.