The Tell Tale Heart

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Lonely Edgar Marsh (Laurence Payne) sees a woman Betty (Adrienne Corri) moving in to the building across from his. He spies on here for a while like a creep before eventually asking her out. He bores her some, but she stays polite. Eventually Edgar makes the mistake of introducing Betty to his womanizing friend Carl. To make it worse himself Edgar invites Carl to go out with them one night. Carl and Betty fall for each other. Eventually they end up together at Betty’s place. Yeah creepy Carl sees them and goes from creepy to crazy. He has Carl over one night and bashes his head in with a fireplace poker. Then he hides the body in the floor boards downstairs under a rug under a piano. Guilt gets to him and he begins hearing a heartbeat and it gets louder. Like a loon he uncovers Carl, cuts out his heart and runs out to a field where he buries it. Meanwhile he tells Betty that Carl left. She doesn’t believe him then she realizes she can see Carl from her place and figures he may have seen her and Carl. She gets into Edgar’s pad when he is away and finds a bent poker with dried something on it. She takes it to the coppers who think it may be blood. They go to question Edgar, but he can’t hear anything over the heartbeat that’s driving him bonkers. He flees with the cops in pursuit. He goes to throw something at them and they shoot him so he falls from the second floor to be impaled below. Hey he wakes up screaming and it was a dream, he’s not dead and Carl is alive too. Then he hears a carriage outside and see a woman coming to live across from him. Oh, deary me here we go again.

The negatives-The pacing at times is so slow. I’ve liked Laurence Payne in other things, but his performance seemed very forced in this role.

The positives-Once the film gets to heart pounding part it picks up. Although it’s made in 1960 it at times looks and feels like a 30’s horror film which I kind of liked.

I’ve had this film on a collection of horror movies for several years. I had wanted to view it several times, but never gotten around to it until now. I think it’s better than average, but it the pace is a drawback. Poe and fans of older horror films should give it a view at least once.