Theme weeks for December and beyond

For December I hope to take on two theme weeks which will be on Christmas specials week and Christmas episodes week.

For next year I am hoping to take on the following theme weeks at a rate of one per month.

70’s sci-fi

80’s horror

90’s super heroes

Bela Lugosi

Boris Karloff

Ray Harryhausen



Jungle action

Mad scientists

Alien invasion


October theme weeks plus one


So I’m into Ghost week here at my blog. Next week will be Mummy week and the week of Halloween will be Halloween episodes week. However I decided to add one more. The beginning of November is a sad time for me. It’s always like well Halloween is over so horror movies go away, no more costumes, decorations or all that for another year. I know it has to end and we move on to other holidays. Yet it irks me when Wal-Mart start boxing up a lot Halloween stuff a few days before the holiday. Stores and other places tend to take down the decorations as quickly as possible. However to make the transition a little easier I am going to add one more Halloween related week the first week of November. I’m calling it Halloween leftovers week for lack of a better name. Any topic I wanted to get to in October but didn’t will be tossed into that week which will likely include me sharing some pictures of my cheap Halloween decorations before I box them up. However it will also include reviews of a couple of bargain bin movies I bought this month including Halloween 3 and Madhouse with Vincent Price plus maybe 1-2 more. I’m just stubborn enough to keep the season going a week beyond when all sensible people call it quits.

Upcoming themes and possible features


Just thinking ahead and wanted to throw some ideas out there. I was thinking of making one week per month theme week where I might do three reviews under a certain topic and maybe have a list or a short write up that week that went along with the topic. So far I was considering these…

Hammer Time in the 60’s-1960’s Hammer Films

The Price is right-Vincent Price week

Back for more-80’s horror sequels week

Big, bad and in black and white-1950’s giant monster week

70’s made for TV movie week

It’s also possible that I’ll do Superman and Star Trek weeks when their new movies come out.

***Feel free to suggest a topic.

Also I am almost half way through the series the Starlost in  my weekly Starlost Sundays column. So I still have more than two months worth to do, but was thinking ahead as to what I want to tackle next. I likely want to do a show that didn’t go more than a season so I have to do it for a few months and then move to a different show. I was thinking of doing one of these next next.

Flash Fridays-I’d take on the one season show from 90-91 that followed the fastest man in the world.

Voyagers-No flashy name for this yet, but I loved this one season show.

UFO-No fancy name yet either. Bizarre and sometimes great show.

Sanctuary Sundays with Logan’s Run-I’d take on the short lived 1977 show that just got a DVD release last year.

Simian Sunday with Planet of the apes the TV series-One of my favorite half season shows ever.

I’m am also considering some one season 70’s Saturday morning kid’s shows including Ark 2, Space Academy and the Monster Squad.

***Let me any of these sound interesting.