Tremors 3-Back to Perfection

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Just keep in mind that the Perfection they refer to in the title is the town rather than a judgement about this film. Anyways gun enthusiast, hunter and grumpy cuss Burt Gummer returns to his hometown in Nevada to discover that the townsfolks have turned it into a tourist traps. There are lots souvenirs and even a fake Graboid safari type tour done by a guy named Jack. It’s been eleven years since the events of the first film. A real Graboid does show up and kill Jack’s assistant as the fake tour becomes real. Burt determines there are three Graboids in the area. Just when they begin to take action a government group shows up saying the Graboids are endangered and cannot be killed. Jack makes a deal with them that if they can capture one they can kill the other two. Burt’s itchy trigger finder hates this idea, but he agrees. They soon discover that there is a new stage of the creatures that they dub “assblasters” of their flying methods. They also run an albino Graboid they call El Blanco. Using explosives, mattresses and other stuff the residents of the town defeat the monsters. They capture an assblaster and let El Blanco go because of the endangered species stuff. Roll the credits.

The negatives-The early 2000’s CGI (and not high budget even by standards of that time) doesn’t hold up well today.  While the film starts strong it quickly falls into to being somewhat of the same old thing. I kind of like that there are more characters here than in the second film, but you don’t get know them all that well in this film.

The positives- Burt Gummer takes over as the main character in this series and that’s fine with me. I love the parts about the townspeople trying to cash in on the  Graboids and the fake safaris. The action if mostly good.

Much like the second film this one repeated parts of the first more than adding a whole lot to the series. It’s above average and maybe just a hair better than the second movie.