Wonder Woman-Spaced Out




Who’s in this?

The regulars-

Lynda Carter as Dianna/Prince and Wonder Woman. Most known well for this show.

Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor, Dianna’s boss at the IADC. Most know for this this show and for being on the Carol Burnett show.

Renee Auberjonois as Kimball a thief hired to steal some crystals for a laser. Long time character actor known known most for being on Benson and ST-Deep Space Nine.

Stephen Anderson as Slyvester, organizaer of the sci-fi convention in this episode and he knows Dianna throw his father. He also unwittingly get tied up with the stolen crystals. He was early in his career at this poitn, but is still acting and has over 80 credits incluing Halloween 5, NYPD Bue, Boston Legal and more.

Paul L. Smith as Rohan a criminal sort who is supposed to get the crystals from Kimball, but suspects he is being double crossed. The late Paul Smith was Bluto in the Popeye movie, a prison guard in Midnight Express as well being in Dune, Red Sonja and others.

Three people of note in small roles-

Peter Marc Jacobson plays Brad who is dressed as a runner from Logan’s Run and has like two lines. Was married to Fran Drescher for 11¬† years. Has worked as a director and producer on numerous shows including of course the Nanny. I hated that show, but important to mention him since he did go on to do something successful.

David S Cass Sr as Lothar the Barbarian. Cass began as an extra, but soon became a long time stunt man. He has over 80 acting credits and over 70 stunt credits. In more recent years he has worked as a director.

Robby Short was uncredited as Robby the robot, he also worked as one of the Flash costum designers on the 1990 Flash show.


The Black Avenger and some star covered woman.


What’s this about?

This slick thief Kimball steals these crystals out of a telescope, but an alarm goes off boopaboopaboopa. He sticks them in a crate going to a convention to avoid being caught with them and then makes note of where it is heading to. This big dude named Rohan that looks like he has been sucking on pickles show up and asks Kimball where the crystal thingies are because he was supposed to get them from the thief. Kimball tell pickle puss what happened and says he sent the crystals in a crate and he’ll them soon a rooney. Turns out the dude getting the crate with the crystals is ….

A-using the crystals for a sci-fi convention exhibit.

B-an aquaintence of Dianna Prince ( Wonder Woman)

C-a real dork (his name is Sylvester)

Dianna Prince is sent after the crystals and as Wonder Woman she pursues Kimball, but he eludes her. Eventually Kimball, Diana/Wonder Woman and Rohan plus his goons all converge on a sci-fi convention. They show some brief footage taken from a real sci-fi convention and includes people dressed¬† various Star Wars costumes which makes sense since that was the hot thing when this was filmed in 1978 (episode was shown in very early 1979). Okay now when we go this episode’s sci-fi convention there are no people in Star Wars or Star Trek costumes, not even any stragglers in Space 1999 uniforms. No sir this convention is from an alternate world where Logan’s Run is the cream of the crop for sci-fi (!). So out of the 30 or so attendees shown maybe 6-7 are in Logan’s Run costumes while everyone else is wearing generic costumes. Oh and I only saw one kid there, the average age for everyone else is like 25. Still the convention is definitely the star of this show. Kimball disguieses himself as the Black Avenger a super hero star while he tries to get the crystals and Wonder Woman and Rhan and his thugs are all at the convention. Eventually Wonder Woman and Kimball team up to keep Rohan from killing Sylvester all while Robby the robot (yay) hosts the costume contest. Rohan and his brutes are arrestes, the crystals are recovered but Kimball escapes. Roll the TV credits.

The negatives? Maybe it would have been cool to see some Star Wars and Star Trek clad convention goers in the show, but I am guessing they didn’t have permission for that.

The positives? A good guest cast with some solid character actors. Logan’s Run costumes rock. The convention was a low budget version, but it was still fun. The costume costest was likable enough. Robby the robot was awesome as always.


Robby the Robot and some woman in a disco outfit holding what looks like a cross between a laser gun and a lamp.

Christmas episodes:The new Adventures of Wonder Woman-The Deadly Toys


A little bit different kind of review this time around as I really want to keep it short so I can get three epsiode reviews done this week of Christmas epsiodes.

Who’s in this?
The regulars
Lynda Carter … Diana Prince/Wonder Woman
Lyle Waggoner … Major Steve Trevor
Frank Gorshin (hooray) … Hoffman
James A. Watson Jr. … Dr. Prescott
John Rubinstein … Major Dexter
Donald Bishop … Dr. Tobias
Ross Elliott … Dr. Lazaar


What’s this about? Three scientists are involved in project XYZ (so maybe they failed with the rest of the alphabet already) which involves a dangerous and powerful weapon. Each scientist has been responsible for creating a part of the weapon. However it is soon discovered that one then a second of the scientists has been replaced by a robot. This is done by a cheapo melting effect although when I saw it as a seven year old it creeped me out. The scientists had a hobby in common as they played wargames with toy soldiers. Diana (Wonder Woman just in case you live under a rock and didn’t know that) links the soldiers to a toy store. This is when we see that it’s the Christmas as the store has decorations out front. The toy store owner (Gorshin) blows off Diana, but each is suspicious of the other. Hoffman tries attacking Diana with a toy plane, but hey she’s Wonder Woman so he better try harder. Hoffman has a robot Wonder Woman. So finally we get Wonder Woman against Wonder Woman. Meanwhile it turns out that a Major involved with the project is really working with the toy maker Hoffman and they are both working to get the information for project XYZ. Of course Wonder Woman wins out and saves the day.


The negatives-It looks cheaper now than it did to me back then. Maybe I am being picky, but this is supposed to be Washington DC and living close to that area I can’t help but notice the people outside are wearing very thin jackets and it looks too green for December when Diana is driving around.

The positives-There are plenty of weak episodes to this show, but this is one of the better ones. We get some fine performances from solid character actors including Gorshin and Watson. The toy store and toys as weapons appealed to me as a kid and actually it still does. Having a robot Wonder Woman may seem not terribly creative, but it was good to see Wonder Woman have someone who could give her a fight for a change instead of just tossing stuntmen around like rag dolls. The story might be kind of thin, but there’s enough action and semi-interesting twists to keep it afloat.

The Holiday spirit-This was actually shown a few days after Christmas when it first premiered. You don’t see much Christmas related material until Diana goes to the toy store then we see some decorations. Also Wonder Woman paints Merry Christmas on a window at the end of the show. I suppose this episode could have been done without any of the Christmas trappings and it not been that different just because the holiday parts are slim. However I like the link of toy store owner using his store as a front for illegal activities during the busy Christmas season. It somehow makes sense within the corny plots of Wonder Woman and actually winds up one of the best episodes of the series. Not a great deal of Holiday Spirit perhaps, but I saw this one as a kid and then didn’t see it a seocnd time until maybe twenty years later. Yet the episode stuck in mind and I remembered it as being around Christmas time so it did make an impression on me because many of the other Wonder Woman epsiodes just blended together over the years.

Hope to have reviews of Christmas related episodes of Tales from the darkside and V this week as well.

Growing up in the 1970’s part 2-Science fiction or what the frack was I thinking?

Since I shared a little about how my fascination with monsters the other day I should probably tell a little about how I first got into sci-fi as well so you know where I’m coming from once I get into some reviews and more stories. My brother is six years older and me and was a huge comic book fan and to far lesser extent liked some sci-fi growing up. So I have probably have him to than for some of my early influences. I have the slightest of memories of seeing the oh too short lived 1974 Planet of the apes TV series. After that I definely remember my brother was a fairly regular watcher of the Six Million Dollar man and the Bionic Woman as well as the super hero TV adaption of the Hulk and Wonder Woman. I know that I watched all of those with him and enjoyed them well enough. There also some Saturday morning memories of the live action shows Space Academy, Jason of Star Command, Shazam and Isis. Somehow I missed out on Ark II back then. I liked those shows but about as much as I liked all the other cartoons and shows I took in. As I said in my previous post we didn’t go the movies back then. So in 1977 when a lot of other kids my ages were exposed to sci-fi via Star Wars the best I could do was look at the Star Wars trading cards the other kids in second grade had. I wouldn’t see Star Wars until it came on TV some six years later and by that point I was in full-on Trekkie mode. However it still had impact on me in 77-78 by other routes. My brother bought the comic book adaption and have memories of a day in the winter when school was closed where made a tend out of blanets in our room, got potato chips and hot chocolate into the tent and my brother read the comic book adaption of Star Wars to me. While he’d already instilled a love of super hero comics into me these comics had me even more excited. I never had any toys of Star Wars back then because I think my parents thought they were too expensive and maybe they were. However I remember on my birthday in the Spring of 1978 my neighbor ( a co-worker of my dad’s) bought me a Star Wars shirt with R2-D2 and C-3PO on it. Even though I only knew them from comics and brief glimpses on commercials I was still in awe of that shirt and probably wore it until it fell apart or I could no longer squeeze into it. Those were probably the early sparks that had me revved up to eb a sci-fi/space fan, but my interest would grow even stronger during the the 1978-1979. If you are guessing that the Star Wars Holiday special from 1978 was a factor then you are right. Forget about the fact that almost no one thinks this was any good and that everyone involved with it wants to forget about it. I was 8 and didn’t get to Star Wars in the theater, but here were these characters coming to the small screen. I’ m sure I loved it back then despite it’s problems. I remember very little about it now and have not seen it since, but I know I was thrilled to see it then. However the show that would make an even greater impact that television season was Battlestar Gallactica. Yes, I know some Staw Wars fans sneer and dismiss it as a copy. To me that year Gallactica was the show that opened my mind to sci-fi. Later I would know it to be a flawed show, but a show with real potential that really deserved another year on the air. Back then it was the ships, the uniforms and the characters that had me glued to the screen every week. I am sure that I had to beg my dad to let me see it because he was no fan of space shows, but he let me watch it. I have memories of begging for Battlestar toys, but they were too expensive. I do remember my parents giving in and letting me get a Battlestar photostory book from one of those Scholastic order forms through school. I remember looking at it feverishly on the bus with any other kids who were interested. Battlestar still holds a special to me even now because it sparked that interest that I have had ever since. I’ll stop rattling on for now because other tales of my early interests and more involved thoughts and views on Battlestar may pop up in other upcoming posts.