Ten thoughts on Zardoz

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1-The locations are spectacular.

2-The more explanation they add into the film the less sense it makes.

3-They reveal too much about the story too soon.

4-As far as 1970’s dystopian sci-fi goes this one tries harder, but the results are mixed.

5-The red diaper look on dudes wasn’t cool in 1974 nor will it ever likely be even in any future universe ever.

6-If waving one’s fingers at someone worked as a punishment it would have been done a long time ago.

7-It doesn’t take long into this film for the average viewer to begin laughing.

8-There are some moments are images that work in this film, but there are just many that feel like they are just trying to pad the length of the film.

9-It’s not a good film, but there are enough odd and interesting ideas and visuals to make it worth re-visiting from time to time.

10-No one in this film really looks very comfortable with what they are doing.

10 quick thoughts about Zardoz


As Zardoz week rolls on here is a list of quick thoughts or related things to this film. I will get to a proper review in the week as well.

1-I only saw this movie for the first time about six years ago.

2-I first saw pictures of the floating head Zardoz when I was maybe 12.

3-The pictures of the floating head are what made me want to see this film.

4-While wondering about this film for years I never met anyone who had seen it.

5-Despite being interested in this film I had never read a detailed review of it until after I saw it.

6-It took me at least four sittings to make it through the film the first time.

7-I have watched it maybe seven times total.

8-I still can’t believe Connery agreed to do this film.

9-Maybe not the strangest film I have seen, but maybe one of the strangest high budget films I have ever seen.

10-When I think of 70’s cult films I think of this film first.

There you go, but there is plenty more Zardoz to come. The big head himself will be here to deliver a funny on Wednesday then a review of the film on Thursday followed by a double dose of Zardoz funnies of Thursday to round things.

Upcoming stuff and junk

I’m hoping to churn out reviews of the She-wolf of London and Hercules goes to New York between today and Saturday. Then after that will be the event that only one large stone headed being has been waiting for. That’s right it will be Zardoz week featuring of course a review of the film, Zardoz will stop by several times to deliver a few funnies and there will likely be a list of sorts too. Zardoz has allowed Robin and Dr. Smith to drop by and deliver their columns during the week plus I need to squeeze in the meal and a movie before the end of the month too.