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Upcoming stuff?


Hey, what’s coming up? Well, Christmas of course, you big dunderhead. For the rest of this week I still owe two Christmas epsiode reviews. Hopefully I’ll knock out the Tales from darkside Christmas epsiode review today and the V episode on Friday. Of course I’ll have another Starlost Sunday on yes, Sunday. Next week I finally hope to get that 7th voyage of Sinbad review done and I put the Cyclops up above to scare me into doing it. Also next week I hope to tackle Sundown-The vampire in retreat which will be the first 90’s film I have taken on in this blog. This movie stars : Bruce Campbell, David Carradine, Bruce Campbell, Maxwell Caulfield, Bruce Campbell, Morgan Brittany and did I mention that Bruce Campbell is in this film? Unfortunately it’s a smaller role than I wish it was, but hey it’s the chin so that’s enough of a reson for me to review it. Beyond that I may add in another list of some sorts and maybe one more film if I have time. So stay tuned and keep dropping by.

2 responses to “Upcoming stuff?

  1. goregirl ⋅

    Digging that Warhol-esque Cyclops pic! One day soon I should really do a Ray Harryhausen feature.

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