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1980’s vampires




Most decades prior to the 80’s seem to have a combination of classic style vampires films inspired by Universal’s Dracula as well as some takes of putting a vampire into whatever decade was going on. The 1980’s were different as we seemed to see less traditional monsters films in general as slashers were the top genre for much of the decade. What vampires we did were mostly all too glad to poof up their hair and take on an 80’s flair to fit in. In general in the 80’s gothic horrors were gone and so much was taking place in then modern times so any old style monster had to adjust I suppose. Whether this updating worked or no ultimately depended on the script. Whereas something like Fright Night for me was a solid film because despite the initial appearances the vampire turns out to be a monster which is how it should be. The Lost Boys seems to have vampires as misunderstood youths or bad boys depending on your view, but either way these vampires seem to be more sparkle and polish than downright evil monsters. Looking back at vampires in the decade as a whole they often had times fitting, but the decade did see a few good vampire films pop out.

6 responses to “1980’s vampires

  1. I think The Hunger had the 80s vamps with the best style. Can’t beat Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie.

  2. Yeah, Vampires became less sinister and films were fun, goofy, and campy. That kinda’ happened with most horror in the 80’s.

  3. I always found it weird that 1979 was such a big year for vampire films-the Dracula version with Langella, Kinski in Nosferatu, Love at first bite (a spoof, but still classic style vampire) and even Salem’s Lot on TV. Then a year later the 80’s came and the vampire films trickled out and film makers seemed more hesitant to use them.

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