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TV Terror Thursday-Little house on the praire



The monster of walnut grove

It’s Halloween Eve as opposed to the day before which would have been Halloween Eve Eve. Anyways Laura scares her sister Carrie by reading The Legend of Sleepy Hollow to her-take that, little kid. Laura and Mary get to go vandalize Olsen’s store by soaping the windows, but it’s okay because the Olsen’s let people do this. While there Laura thinks she sees Mr. Olsen cut his wife’s head off with a sword-kawhack! Come on, Laura that couldn’t be but she thinks it is. She tries to convince Mary that it happened and Mary makes some snooty comment, although Mary always seem to be on her high horse so nothing new there. Laura has a nightmare about Mrs. Olsen Laura convinces her friend Carl due to the fact that Mrs. Olsen left on a coach to go see her mother so she’s gone. Really Mr. Olsen only cut off mannequin head, but if Laura knew then this would have been a seven minute show so with the misunderstanding. Laura tells Nellie and Willie what she saw and they think she’s been sniffing wild berries or something. Back at the Olsen household Nels spills blood sauce on his wife’s apron ooopsie. When Nellie and Willie find it they think maybe Laura was right. Nellie says something to her father about it and what Laura said and he says “are you insane?”. No, actually he tells them what really happened and asks them to tell Laura. They say yes, but of course we know they won’t set her straight-the little skunks. Meanwhile Laura has a dream that Mr. Olsen is a ghoul with nasty teeth and he serves up Mrs. Olsen’s screaming head on a platter. This scared Laura so badly that she didn’t want to go out in the dark to use the outhouse so she holds it all night and then goes and pees a river once morning comes around. Laura and Carl are freaking out now as Willie and Nellie play them like violins. Willie says he heard digging in their basement and thinks his dad was burying something so he invites Laura an Carl over to be scared to death. They reluctantly show up shaking like leaves. Willie brings them in and takes them down to the basement so they can soil themselves they can see what is going on. Of course Nellie is down there waiting under a white sheet. She jumps out and scares Laura and Carl who run back up the steps quickly, but thinking the ghost got Willie already Carl stacks heavy boxes over the hatch trapping Willie and Nelson in the cellar. Mrs. Olson shows up giving Laura and Carl another scare, but they accidentally run into Mrs. Olsen and knock her out. Mr. Olsen shows up and wonders what in the blazes is going on? He tells Laura and Carl about the mannequin head and that Nellie and Willie were supposed to tell them about that. Laura says they’ll go tell Willie and Nellie that Mr. Olsen wants to see them. Carl has a good idea and they go with. They toss the mannequin head down the steps which despite the fact that Nellie knew this wasn’t her mom’s head earlier she still screams like crazy. Laura and Carl head home and run into the headless horseman on the way home. Wait, what the heck? Yep, headless horseman and you thought crapped their drawers earlier.


The negatives-Just some holes like Nellie being scared of a mannequin head she’d seen before. Also it’s supposed to be late fall in Minnesota, but it’s still fairly green because it’s really summer in California.

The positives-Although this show can be sickening sweet it could also be kind of creepy as we have here. I saw this one probably when it was first on and have vivid memories of it. The idea of scaring other kids and being scared is always appealing. I love the basement scene and the headless horseman despite the fact that this last figure’s appearance makes no sense except that Laura was reading about him earlier in the episode.


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