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Let’s check in and see how I am doing on the reviews I promised for Christmas.



Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas (live action)

The Munster’s Scary little Christmas

The year without a Santa Claus

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas (cartoon)

‘Twas the night before Christmas

 Christmas episode of Night Court

Okay, so I got behind early, but two reviews today I am now half way through. If I do one per day between tomorrow and Christmas Eve I’ll get them done. Of the four left I have watched all but “Twas the night before Christmas recently so the other three are fresh in my mind with the only shortest of the four yet to watch. I have no idea of the order, but will aim to knock them out over the next four days.

I recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy, the new Turtles film, Sharknado 2 and Street Fighter from 1994 (a $3 pick up from Big Lots). I won’t say what I think of all of them, but maybe I’ll aim to review all of those during the final week of the year. Then come 2015 I’ll get into review more older films.

Take care!

Night Court-Santa goes downtown

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It’s well after Christmas and a drunk (legendary character actor Jeff Corey) is brought in to the court for trespassing. He’s dressed in a dirty Santa suit and claims to be the one and only Santa Claus. What kind of nutbar are you? No one believes him, but they can’t get anything else on who he really he is. He still keeps going on about being Santa and even says a few things that he shouldn’t know unless he were more than a wino. Meanwhile a young couple of runaways (a pre-Back to the future Michael J. Fox and Olivia Barash) won’t tell who they really are so they are being held as well.  Michael J. Fox plays a real hothead and he is rude to everyone particularly the maybe or maybe not Santa. A file is brought to Harry saying the names of the two young people and the wino Santa asks Harry to let him see the names and he will pretend to the couple that he knows who they are because he is Santa so they can believe in him. He does and after a rough go around Eddie and Mary (the couple’s revealed names) break down and admit they ranaway and Eddies thanks Santa for believing in him. However around this time it’s  revealed that Santa is really a runaway from a looney bin and  he runs away from there every year before Christmas only to be found in early January. That’s it. Oh wait, I forget to mention that ….

A-The folder they gave Santa was the wrong one so he did not learn the runaway’s names from it yet he knew their names.

B-Santa escaped from the asylum employee again.

C-A reindeer showed up in the building.

Roll the credits.

So we get a Christmas related episode set after Christmas. Thanks to Jeffy Corey and Michael J Fox it’s a pretty good one. This is actually only the second episode of Night Court so the main characters are still being established. However the theme here of faith in others works well and allowed the cast to react and really begin showing that this wasn’t going to be just your usual sitcom. I watch this one every year around Christmas.


Do’s and don’ts from Scrooged

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It’s not nice to try and shoot ghosts, but it’s okay for them to drink your booze.

It’s not alright to glue fake antlers on a real mouse, but it’s okay to staple them on.

It’s wonderful for a TV executive to make a scary, misleading commercial, but it’s totally wrong for an assistant to question said executive.

It’s acceptable to go without a tree, but not acceptable to decorate your little brother as a tree.

Firing someone the day before Christmas is good, but when someone tries moving in on your job it’s bad.

Real ghosts of Christmas future that look like death are fine, but don’t make fake ones look like that because it’s too scary.

Ghosts beating the poop out of you is great, but questioning the ghost is a negative.

Trying to take over production of TV show while the executive is acting nuts is wrong, but holding TV staff at gunpoint is fine and dandy.

Interrupting a live TV show is not okay unless of course it’s too rant about being nicer to people.


There you go. This was my first time viewing this one. My wife recommended it and I thought it was slightly dated, but overall funny.






How the Grinch stole Christmas

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So this oddly shaped fella called the Grinch lives up on this mountain. He hates the Whos who live down in the village, he hates Christmas and apparently he’s not too fond of clothing because he strolls around naked. Christmas is coming so the Grinch develops this crazy plan where is going to animate the Statue of Liberty with goop and walk around in it oh, hey wait I think I just mixed up the notes of the Grinch with Ghostbusters 2. Now, here we go the Grinch will dress up in a crap Santa suit (yet he still doesn’t like pants). Then he makes his poor little doggie Max pretend to be a  reindeer. On Christmas eve they go down to the Who village and start taking all their Christmas stuff. So not only is the Grinch a near nudist but he’s a thief too. A little who named Cindy Lou Who wakes up and questions the Grinch, but he lies (another strike against him) and goes about his horrible business. He takes all his collected stuff in his sleigh back up the mountain to dump it and really create a mess. He thinks that this will really curdle the Who’s milk. However they wake up singing. The Grinch stops and realizes he’s been a real nasty guy so his new found goodness helps him to stop the sleigh from falling off the mountain. He and Max ride back down to the village, give all the stuff back and fortunately instead of beating the Grinch senseless for his crimes the Who’s are a forgiving lot. The Grinch has Christmas dinner with Whos and cuts on something called a roast beast. Now he’s a good Grinch. Roll the animated credits.


Positives-A great adaption of a wonderful Dr. Seuss book. The Chuck Jones animation is fantastic in bringing these characters to life. Boris Karloff is one of the few people who could have done justice to the Grinch. A classic cartoon through and through.

My must see Christmas movie list


The Christmas movies I try to take in every year.


9-Scrooge (review coming soon)

8-Die Hard

7-Jingle all the way


5-Christmas Story

4-Miracle on 34th street (if you have to ask which version then shame on you)

3-The Muppet’s Christmas Carol

2-National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

1-Christmas Carol (1951 version)


*Feel free to add what films you watch every year.



So long Norman Bridwell

Clifford The Big Red Dog 50th Anniversary Celebration

Clifford author Norman Bridwell passed away last Friday at the age of 86. The Clifford books were some of the first books I got into as a kid and my kids got into them at an early age as well. Certainly his books helped me enjoy reading at an early age. He will be missed.

Ten things I learned from The Munsters Scary little Christmas

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So just over a year after “Here come the Munsters” came out there was another made for TV Munsters film with a totally different cast. This time they are taking on Christmas.

10-It’s the 90’s and the rest of the Munsters still think Marilyn is ugly.

9-Grandpa is from the old country but apparently that must mean New York because that’s how he talks.

8-If vampires can be real then I guess so can Santa.

7-Elves are really nasty dudes just waiting for a chance to goof off and cause trouble.

6-Even wolf boys get depressed.

5-Some bullies are brave enough to bully wolf boys who have a Frankenstein monster as a dad.

4-Making a Christmas display with heads being lopped off can be seen as art.

3-Some people still think the Munsters are always dressed for a costume party.

2-Santa always has a spare giant Santa suit handy in case someone like Herman wants to go along.

1-Only the nosy neighbor will freak out when it only snows on the Munsters yard.


There you go. A decent film for what it is. Don’t expect it to be like the classic show, but it has some laughs.


Upcoming junk and stuff


Between now and Christmas I hope to review the following films.



Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas

The Munster’s Scary little Christmas

plus TV specials…

The year without a Santa Claus

Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch stole Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas


a Christmas episode of Night Court (featuring two people with ties to well known sci-fi franchises)

That’s eight reviews in less than two weeks so I better get started.

Take care!

80’s arcade games that should have been made


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Now the long name for this list would be 80’s arcade  games based on TV shows and movies that I think should have been made. There were a few arcade games based on movies in the 80’s including Star Wars, Star Trek, Tron and Robocop, but not so much on TV shows. There were home games based on movies like Raiders of the lost ark and ET (games buried in the desert). However I wished that more arcade games based on shows and movies had been made back then. Here are my choices in no real order

A-team-This show just screamed side scrolling shooter with maybe levels where you drive BA’s van and maybe even play Murdoch and do crazy helicopter flying. Perhaps you could collect parts and build a crazy weapon to fight the main baddies.

Knight Rider-Imagine a sit down version of this complete with dashboard and various controls.

Beauty and the beast-I see with different levels making your way through the city.

Dukes of Hazzard-Another awesome idea for a sitdown driving game. Imagine avoiding Roscoe on dirt roads and jumping over creeks yeeehaw!

The incredible Hulk-I see this as playing on the idea of the show where Banner has to get his butt kicked so he gets mad and turns into the Hulk. You’d only get limited Hulk time to take care of business before turning back.


Running Man-This one also screams for a game. Battling various psychos as you go along. The 1990 arcade game Smash TV borrowed some ideas from this film.

Die Hard-A crazy violent one against many game in a big building. This could have been cool.

Predator-Guns against an invisible enemy in the jungle. This could have been a challenging and fun game.

Monster Squad-Probably not popular enough for it’s own game, but playing a kid fighting classic monsters has a certain appeal.

For your eyes only (or Octopussy)-I always wished there was a Bond game in the early 1980. Now 1989 saw Secret Agent (Sly Spy) come out and it was close even though it didn’t have the Bond name. However a game based totally on a good film would have been fantastic.

There you. Feel free to add your own ideas.

80’s arcade games-Bosconian

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Outer space games are a huge genre and the 80’s saw their share of this style of game. Bosconian was a free roaming, multi-directional space shooter game-yeah say that fives real fast. What that means is you could float around a lot. The goal was to blow up all the enemy space stations in a quadrant. there are other smallers ships trying to get you too. The spaces stations each had six circular parts on the outside that you could destroy, but to destroy the whole base you had shoot into the middle of the ship when it opened to release a torpedo. So timing was everything in this game. You had to be in position and zip in and shoot to blow it up. Each level had more stations and you had to zoom around to find them. This was definitely a game that took some time to beat with all the maneuvering you had to do. It was and still is fun and challenging. The graphics are decent too for the time. Both Time Pilot and Sinistar have some similarities to this one and both those games came out a year later. I remember playing this game a few times at my favorite arcade, but have played it some at home in more recent years. Seeing the ad above makes me wish I had gotten to play a tabletop version of this game, that would have been cool.