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Devil’s Nightmare AKA: La plus longue nuit du diable


1971 and 1974 are both listed in various places

Who’s in this? A bunch of people from other countries actually. The most interesting person here is Italian actress Erika Blanc as Lisa the succubus. She has over 100 credits and is still acting.

What’s this about? A bus load of people end up staying at a creepy old house owned by a baron who in the intro killed his infant daughter 26 years earlier at the end of WWII . Amongst the busload of people is a guy who loves to pig, an old grump, a married couple who hate each other, two young woman who will embark on lesbian relations as soon a they get behind closed doors and a preist with helmet hair. Everyone kind of sits around for a while doing a whole lot of nothing, the Baron stands around and then another visitor comes in. it’s Lisa and everyone stares at her, mostly because she is half dressed. At some point during the night things pick up as the Lisa turns out to be a succubus. I know this only because they say that’s what she is. Although she doesn’t just seduce men as actually she goes after all of the people from the bus. Each one of them is supposed to be guilty of of one of the seven deadly sins and the succubus begins killing them off. At first she starts out bumping them off in ways that relate to their sin such as the glutton gets poisoned by wine on like his 23rd glass, the wig wearing shrew with dollar signs in her eyes drowns in a pit of gold. That was cool, but then I guess the succubus gets bored of trying to be clever and the old grumpy dude just gets a shove out the window and the blond who lays around gets a snake tossed in her room. Then it’s just down to the priest and the succubus goes after him, but gets a cross burn on the head for her troubles. Then the bald dude that told them to come to this place  early in the film is really the devil, ewww scary I guess old Satan has nothing better to do than to go after a few sinners who are traveling in Europe. The priest (actually priest in training) and the devil make some deal where the Priest gives his soul in exchange for the others from the bus. Poof their contract goes up flames like an attentive kid’s marshmallow over a campfire and just like magic the dead are once again alive and all is well. All of sudden lots of stuff is crammed into the final mintues of the film-the baron gets stabbed by his servent, he tells of killing his daughter, Lisa is really the servant’s daughter as well as being a succubus, all of the people from the bus minus hair helmeted Priest get back on said bus, crash not far down the road and burst into flames because the piggie driving the bus thought he could drive while having a feast. So the Priest and the succubus get each other, the devil gets all the souls and everyone one on the bus gets barbecued. Roll the credits.

The negatives? The acting is very uneven as Erika Blanc is quite good, the guy playing the Baron is effective in the early scenes, but then the guy playing the Priest is as wooden as a woody piece of wood could be. The script is uneven too and full of holes. The ending really hurt the film because once Lisa starts killing off people the film gets interesting and it’s on a roll, but the deal with the devil slows everything down and the ending with the attempt to tie up every loose end is just a mess. It felt like the writer’s started in direction, changed the film mid-way and then remembered “oh, crap we left a bunch of holes open, quick have everyone explain everything and lets get this film over with”.

The Positives? The setting which is in Belgium is quite spectacular. As I said above Erika Blanc does a good job with the role she had. I also liked the make-up they used on her demon form. It was just face and body make-up, but it made her look evil in a flash. Despite some of the killings being less spectacular than others they are still the highlight of the film. This movie is up and down, but in the end I’d say it finishes up as being just above average. Fans of early 70’s horror will enjoy it  and at times they do an alright job of combining gothic elements with a (then) current setting.


I got a booboo.


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  1. I’m suffering now! 😉 Great review; will add it to the list… Paul

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