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Me, UFOs and the 1970’s

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Much of my interest in UFO’s in the 1970’s came from the TV. As I have reviewed several episodes of shows that featured them. Plenty of shows had these discs in them including sci-fi, action and comedy shows. Whether these episodes were good or not wasn’t as important to me as it was that they had UFOs. That’s kind of the approach I had to the late 70’s show Project UFO. Now back then I only watched it for the saucers and that’s what I remember most about the show. Actually I have not seen it since it was first on and since it isn’t on DVD I may never see it again. It was a Jack Webb/Dragnet dry matter of fact type show that re-enacted UFO sighting. Most of what I do recall was the spaceships. After seeing the show I would go outside looking for a UFO. Hey, give me a break I was like 8. Another source of UFO material for me were comics like the one above. Along with Captain America, the Flash, Marvel Team-up and other comics in the 70’s I also liked anything with UFOs. The title above like Project UFO showed reports of saucers sightings, but had them in comic form. I read these over and over back then often when my brother and I were camping in the yard in a tent. Somewhere around the early 1980’s my interest in UFO’s declined. Now I still go back and watch some of those shows and remember how the subject caught my interest so strongly back then.

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