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80’s arcade games

I have not written one of these since like Spring of last year. Here we have Burger Time from 1982. As the player you take on the role of Chef Peter Pepper you are trying to put burgers together by running over the parts and making them fall until you have all pieces in place. However hot dog, egg and pickle are trying to stop you and your burger making. You can crush them if you can have a food object fall on them as they pursue you. Then they quickly reappear. I loved this game, but was never much good at it. I’ve played it in recent years and I’m still not much good at it. Still I like gameplay, the music and the original idea. Definitely a classic 80’s game.

One response to “80’s arcade games

  1. drhumpp

    I think I first played it on the Commodore 64. I’m pretty sure it was before Nintendo but not in the arcade. Either way, I love the game. I wasn’t great at it either though.

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