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Back when Tim Burton made good movies week


Tim Burton much like John Carpenter is one of those directors where I liked most of what he up until a point and then it was hit or miss or he really missed. Anyways this week will be about back when I liked his movies. A ten things I learned from Batman will likely happen tomorrow followed by reviews of PeeWee’s Big adventure and Beetlejuice plus maybe one other topic.


5 responses to “Back when Tim Burton made good movies week

  1. Zoë

    Nice! I really liked his old stuff. In fact, I LOVED his old stuff. But for the last few years? MEH.

  2. Abbi ⋅

    I am very excited for this feature. I used to love him!

  3. I love all of his films. He’s had good ones and great ones. Not a bad one in the bunch (yes, I actually liked Dark Shadows; it turned out to be exactly how I thought it would and I’m not sure why people were expecting a different kind of film). Can’t wait to read the post!

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